Toni is a photographer from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

With gypsy blood in her bones Toni has travelled extensively throughout her life combining her love of nature with arts and different cultures.

After finishing Art college in Sydney in 1993, Toni travelled to London to work as a professional photographer in advertising and portrait photography. Her travels in the photographic industry, and on her own, lead her throughout Europe, Middle East and then later through Nepal, India and Africa where she eventually resided in Mozambique for almost two years, photographing unique cultures and learning constantly about the natural surroundings.

In 1999 Toni returned to Australia to study Ornithology (birds) then headed straight to the bush, to work in Kakadu National Park as a tour guide.

Toni’s work in photography and adventure tourism has taken her to Antarctica, India, South East Asia and remote areas in the Northern Territory and Arnhem Land Australia. She has a sound understanding for Aboriginal culture spending much of her time while in Australia in the bush learning and experiencing the extreme ecology and diverse wildlife with indigenous peoples.

Between 2000- 2004 Toni was involved in a photographic expedition & private conservation project “Project Tiger” in Bangladesh and India. The group produced a book called Bangladesh. In 2005 Toni was lucky enough to visit Antarctica for 6 months studying penguins and photographing her surroundings constantly.

Longing for the “Top End of Australia” lead Toni back to the Northern Territory in Darwin, where she does various freelance photographic contracts for commercial, advertising and special event photography.  

Her freelance work over the years at the racetrack particularly, has lead her to a  new position as the official “Darwin Turf Club Photographer”- photographing all the racehorses and finishing photos required for the industry. You can email her on for any racehorse photo requirements.